Sunday, 16 December 2012

15/12/2012 - 16/12/2012 =]

As I'm not doing anything today, i will tell you all what i did yesterday =]

So i did nails yesterday morning, did a file and polish on my mum, shame i didn't take a picture though, and then my sister wanted glitter acrylics on her toes =]

They are lime green with 3 little flower gems on the big toes.

Then i did mine, as i showed you the other day, i did a sponging effect with tiger stripes and as i couldn't choose between which colour to have, i did both =] and alternated them on each finger.

I love my nails so much =] everyone seems to love the blue one more but i love both =]

The reason we were doing this, was because me and my sister were getting ready to go out for a meal with our dad for his birthday.
We went to Frankie & bennys, bearing in mind the last time i went there, i was about 7 years old, so i was unsure whether i was going to hate the food again. But i loved it, i had a bacon and cheese burger with chips,  a strawberry milkshake and for pudding i had a banoffee sundae =] which was really nice.

We had so much fun, and my half sister is really funny, shes only 2 and can put on an american accent when she says some words.

So last night was good, very productive and tiring =]

But today, i don't think I'm going to do much, might paint my sisters nails for my competition at college as I'm not doing much today, and i may as well get it out the way.

Tomorrow, i am going Christmas shopping, i cant wait =]

Cant wait to buy presents for my sister and my friend at college then come home and wrap =] wrapping is the best bit =]

So now I'm just watching this morning from Friday, and I'm going to get something to eat as I'm a bit peckish.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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