Sunday, 2 December 2012

The December Tag =]

Today i will be doing the December tag =] 


1. What do you love most about December? I love December because i know that Christmas is soon =] 

2. What is your favourite perfume to wear with the holidays? Rose by Paul Smith, it smells like roses as well and it isn't too strong for the holidays so its perfect for me =]

3. Which products can't you live without this December? Tea tree moisturiser is really good for my skin as it sinks in nice which most products don't, plus i love the smell =]

 My mandarin shampoo with smells so nice and my eastern radox shower gel, these both scents work really well together =]

Maybelline 24 hour concealer, I've used this product for about 2 years now, and it suits my skin colour so i always buy it, this one is nearly empty so i will have to buy more =]

Natural collection tinted moisturiser, i use this product because i don't like the consistency that foundation leaves on my skin, but this is perfect and its not too heavy either, feels like there's nothing on my skin =]

4. What is your go-to look this month? Winged liner? Red lips? Tell us! Well i don't really wear a lot of make up, but if i were too, it would be subtle, so a bit of silver eye shadow with mascara and a lip balm =]

5. What is your most favourite glittery product? It can be anything! My favourite glittery product are my Christmas earrings, there so cute =] i have angels, Christmas trees, snowmen, and two sets of snowflakes, one are white and the other are silver =]

6. Show us your favourite ornament from your Christmas Tree! This is a bauble that i love, it used to light up but doesn't any more, its hard to tell but there is a reindeer inside =] 

7. Which candy are you going to eat too much of this month? The candy i am going to eat this year, has to be a tub of celebrations or roses, love the variety =]

8. What is your favourite December/Holiday related movie or TV show to watch? This year i will be hoping to watch the Muppet Christmas carol, its a very funny Christmas film and i think the best version of it anyway =]

9. What do you really hope Santa has wrapped in a present for you this year? I'm hoping Santa will get me an acrylic kit or money towards one =]

10. The Holidays are all about sharing the love, Who do you want to give a shout-out and why? I want to give a shout out to my family and my fiancé for being there for me and the four new friends that i have made at college =] everyone is amazing to me and i think Christmas is going to be amazing this year as well =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx Merry Christmas =] 

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