Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve =] and Best Of 2012 Tag =]

It's new years eve and it's time for the best of 2012 tag =]



1. Face Product: I've been using this product for the whole of the year.

But as a Christmas present, i received this item and i love it =]

2. Cheek Product: I love this product because it can be used on lips as well and its a nice rosy colour.

3. Eye Product: I use the strictly come dancing pallet, the colours are so nice and smooth to use.

4. Lip Product: This product is great for cracked lips and smells gorgeous =]

5. Skincare Product: I use two products, one is a moisturiser and the other is a spot treatment, they both are amazing products for sensitive skin.

6. Nail Polish Product: I've been quite obsessed with glitter this year and this picture is of my new year nails but uses two glitters which i love =]

7. Hair Product: I got this product recently and cant wait to try it out.

8. Body Product/ Perfume: I love these body sprays and they also last all day.


9. Clothing Piece: I always wear this top, as it keeps my arms warm yet if its too hot then the material is really thin.

10. Accessory: My favourite accessories of this year, have to be my studded earrings =]

11. Pair of Shoes: It has to be my sparkly trainers =] i wear them all the time and there really comfy.


12. Tv Show/ Movie: My favourite tv show this year has to be once upon a time =] its amazing and i cant wait for the next season next year. My favourite film has to be tangled =] its the best fairytale adaptation of that film ever.

13. Book: My favourite book of this year has to be Dreamless =] as i got the first book back in 2011 and then got dreamless and i cant wait for the third and final book next year.

14. Food/Beverage: My favourite food is animal biscuits and my favourite drink that I've been having a lot this year has to be strawberry milkshake, especially McDonald's ones, because there really nice.

So that's it for the tag, sorry its a bit boring but i tried =]

So tonight, my auntie and uncle are coming round for a party, we have loads of food and me and my sister even melted down a chocolate orange and made crispy cakes =]

We are also going down to the ferry to watch the fireworks at midnight =]

Hope you all have a great night =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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