Wednesday, 12 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas Tag =]

It's starting to get really cold and frosty here in the UK, i like it but when it starts to get icy, I'm not looking forward to venturing outside haha =] 

I'm trying to do as many Christmas tags as possible as i just love doing them =]

And as I'm not doing much at the moment, tags help by keeping my blog alive =] 

So here is the all i want for Christmas tag, hope you enjoy it =]

The Questions:

1. What's your favourite thing about the holidays? Spending time with the people you love, buying and wrapping presents and enjoying lovely food.

2. Does it snow where you live? If so, do you like it? It hasn't snowed here yet, but when it does, it looks beautiful.

3. Do you or have you been ice skating? When i was younger yes but not recently.

4. Favorite Christmas movie? The muppets Christmas carol.

5. Favorite winter drink from starbucks? Definitely hot chocolate.

6. Do you believe in Santa? Of course =]

7. Have you ever made a snowman/snow angel? When i was younger, but i wouldn't do it now, its far too cold.

8. Do you have any special family traditions? For the past 6 years we have been going round to my aunties, we like to be with our family but this year we will be going round to my nans then in the night, we will go to my aunties to stay over =]

9. When do you start decorating for Christmas? We started decorating on the 1st which is early for us as we usually start after the 6th. 

10. Favorite Christmas song? Obviously it has to be "all i want for Christmas is you"

11. Will you be under the mistletoe this year? Probably not, my fiancé would kiss me anyway 

12. What are some of the things you want for Christmas this year? Mostly just nail stuff to add to my collection, could really do with some more acrylic liquid as I've only got half a bottle left.

13. What's your most expensive item on your wish list? The camera that my dad might be getting me, its a digital SLR camera.

14. What is one thing you don't like about this holiday? Icy pavements, hate walking and the thought of falling over; scares me.

15. Do you go all out for Christmas decorations? No, we just put both our trees up and decorate them then just add small things around the house as extras.

16. When do you take down your Christmas decorations? We will probably take down our decorations on the first week of January.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx 

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