Wednesday, 19 December 2012

18/12/2012 - 19/12/2012 =]

First I'm going to talk about what happened yesterday at college, as i was really tired when i got home, i ate then went straight to sleep, i was too tired to blog unfortunately. 

Lets begin at the start, woke at my normal time of 6am, when i got to college, only had to wait a bit til everyone turned up then went in to the salon, we started off doing nail art and as the competition is on Friday  Emily wanted to do her designs on me, which i was pleased about as i didn't want to do my designs yet, as I'm doing them today. So here is her designs - she went for animal print and glitter =]

I love them =]

Not much really happened after that session, we went to English then to tutorial to do a trivia quiz, the hairdressers beat us. But it was fun. Lunch was great, me and Emily had lunch together and we opened each others Christmas presents, she got me a Barry M dazzle dust in bronze and a hand warmer shaped like a pair of knickers, which is rather funny. =]

After lunch, we didn't really do much, we did do a Christmas quiz which was fun, i guessed most the answers but they were right so that was good.

In the afternoon, me and Emily decided to give each other pedicures, i did like a Christmassy French pedicure on her as she already had acrylic toes, so i painted the white tip red, and used a line of green at the bottom. =]

Probably not going to see Emily til the new year, as she isn't it college on Friday and that's the day we break up for Christmas, but that's okay, as we are both busy.

Today I'm going to do my competition designs and i will be posting pictures on here, to show you what i do. So i will be using my sister as my model for them, then hopefully, fingers crossed on Friday that my designs get picked and i win =] that would be nice.

6 sleeps til Christmas =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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